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आंसुओसे पलके भीगा लेता हूँ याद तेरी आती है तो रो लेता हूँ

अये खुदा, अब तुहि बता, उसकी खुशी की दुआ करु या मायुशि कि!!!

जिसके सामने आईना रक्खा, हर शख्स वो मुझसे रूठ गया.

क्योकि तेरी गली कि हवा ही मुझे शराब लगती हैं….

माँ, महंगे होटलों में आज भी.. भूख मिटती नहीं….

कहा फिर भी नहीं की तू मुझे छोड़ चुकी हे तु

तुम ही रहते हो इसमें अपना ही घर उजाड़ोगे….!

क्यूँ शर्मिंदा करते हो रोज, हाल हमारा पूँछ कर ,

But will not acquire any kind of adore problem major, for the reason that We have now too many methods pertaining to to love complications. We now have these chants for locating check here your all remedies linked to your trouble. This will assist you to for giving all solutions for your issues. If a dilemma happens between couples then never split your relation. Be sure to Speak to to learn, since we can easily resolve your problems with the assistance of mantra.

“निकलते हे आंसू कहाँ से इतने”?,पूछकर, कुआं ढूंढते हे…

ख़ुशी मेरी तलाश में दिन रात यूँ ही भटकती रही….

If any challenge continues to be developed in your romance then focus on it or concern about your problems With all the associate Then you really should be able to take care of your marriage problems.

Our holy textbooks also viewed as this detail which the mantra has existence. On that point Lord and goddess use This method to acquire overcome devils. Vasikaran mantra is acquired in the primordial period. The key rate of its ability is sent the “mantra” this can sanction the fabrication of capacity or power towards the chant production.

रोज़ रोते हुए कहती है ये ज़िंदगी मुझसे

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